Killing Me

from Departure

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It's funny how it's so different now,Once I laid inside your bed, Holding you, I fell into... Now I stay across this wired fence, A tool that's left to be, Suffering grief. But the weight of the world, brings a light so deep inside. All the thoughts in your head, begin to speak and start to spread. This relationship is killing me, It's killing me and it's filling me with pain. So pack your bags, i'll throw the rest away. Soon i will be gone, never to come back to you. So take your pills. See what you want to see. Believing it's surreal... This life is real.


IT & Sonic Vista Music Produced by Nick Jackson Nick Jackson - Guitars, Bass & Vocals Andy Rowberry - Guitars Rob Archibald - Keyboards Alex Ingles - Drums


Progressive Rock
Killing Me
Killing Me
  • Killing Me

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July 9th
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