Stand Back (Part One)

from Departure

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Relax back and fall into my arms,Remember, you're only what you are. Who am I to judge your pain inside? We don't belong here, now there's nothing left to hide. Here am i, all alone in our empty world, I think it's time to come on back and find... Will we ever see what we were making? Standback Is this the end of our relating? Standback & down. Did you walk away while our world was breaking? Standback Just drift away, no communicating? Standback & down. You're in my head now and i'm walking on a dangerous line. I won't remind you, some feelings are better left unsaid. When i look inside you, I see the feelings that you won't address. It's still around you, it's a question that you won't confess.


IT & Sonic Vista Music Produced by Nick Jackson Nick Jackson - Guitars, Keyboards & Vocals. Andy Rowberry - Guitars. Rob Archibald - Keyboards. James Dunn - Bass. Alex Ingles - Drums. Ed Young - Percussion. Rupert & William Greenall - Backing Vocals


Progressive Rock
Stand Back (Part One)
Stand Back (Part One)
  • Stand Back (Part One)

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July 4th

i like t very much

August 3rd

September 25th

good song

October 26th
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